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"As the next Mayor of Nashville, I will work my heart out to restore hope and prosperity on every forgotten block of our city."

- Sharon Hurt


Sharon Hurt is a non-profit leader and public servant.

She was elected Council Member at At-Large for Davidson County in 2015, believing Nashville must be a place where everyone can enjoy economic growth and opportunity. Sharon won re-election in 2019, as the number-one vote getter for Council in Nashville.

Sharon also serves as the executive director for Street Works (SW), a non-profit that helps those affected and impacted by HIV and AIDS. With an undergraduate degree from Tennessee State University, along with a graduate degree from Belmont University, Sharon has built a reputation as a leader and advocate for residents of all of Nashville’s communities.

"As an immigrant, belonging and inclusion are front and center in my daily life. Sharon’s message and actions embody creating belonging and inclusion for the residents of Nashville, regardless of where they came from. She possesses a unique ability to balance her passion for progress with a pragmatic understanding of Nashville’s challenges to serve both the native-born and the foreign-born."

Diana Sanchez-Vega
Founder & CEO, Sanchez-Vega Communications


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PO BOX 60142 Nashville, TN 37206

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